Modern Slavery Act

Transparency Statement 2015-2016

Outsauce aims to be recognised as a leading provider of quality led and fully compliant outsourced business support and financial services, to both UK recruiters and contractors.

To service these customers our operating model is defined in two business streams. Financing to support recruiters and Contracting and Accounting to support our contracting customers. Our organisational structure reflects these business streams with operational teams servicing either Financing or Contracting and Accounting alongside a shared service supporting the internal requirements of both.

There are many links to recruitment agencies and contracting agencies and the volume of lower-skilled jobs in the industry can provide an opportunity for unscrupulous individuals and agencies to put people into forced or bonded labour. Outsauce will pay candidates directly making sure that all workers are paid above the National Minimum Wage and that this money is not interjected and amended.

As a result, Outsauce complete Due Diligence checks on all new and existing agencies linked to the company. This ensures that we know our clients and we may be able to pick up on slavery/human trafficking at this time to discontinue work with these unethical companies. Outsauce visit the recruitment agencies to assess that there is no internal slavery or human trafficking.

Outsauce’s internal workers are governed under the internal HR Policy manual which confirmed that members of staff will not be exploited and will be safe in their work environment. This policy allows any concerns, internal or external, to be raised. By empowering workers and providing mechanisms for them to whistle blow through the Compliance section, HR section or an independent hotline. Members of staff are also aware that they can contact the Modern Slavery helpline on 0800 0121700 at any time.

Outsauce will endeavour to ensure employment is freely chosen, child labour shall not be used, and no harsh or inhumane treatment will occur internally and within the agencies that Outsauce operate with.

Outsauce has a growing reputation as one of the leading recruitment business support providers and has worked with hundreds of recruitment agencies and many thousands of contractors since 2001. Backed by a major UK bank we have offices in Cheltenham and Warrington and employ more than 65 full time staff giving us the resources and foundations we need to deliver a stable, long term service.


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