So you don’t have to join the dots between having a question and picking up the phone to ask it

If you’re thinking of selecting a financing or contracting provider, here’s a handy selection of the questions we are most frequently asked to help you join the dots between the questions you have and the answers you need.

Recruiter FAQs

We believe that our combination of services adds up to provide recruitment agencies with most of the business support they could ever need. Beyond this, firms can use any element of any service, giving business owners complete flexibility to run their agency exactly as they wish. Quite simply it is the breadth and depth of our offering that sets us apart.

Here at Outsauce we offer a highly flexible suite of services that recruitment agencies can pick and choose as they please. You can use any of our financing, back office and contracting services on their own or in any combination and they can all be scaled up or down in line with the needs of your business.

We are backed by a major UK bank and have grown our client base and turnover steadily and sustainably year-on-year since our inception so you can be confident that you are dealing with a financially sound business.

Outsauce is a company that is headed up by a chief executive and a managing director who both come from high level recruitment backgrounds. This expertise in recruitment, legislation and compliance means we understand the challenges of the recruitment sector and can see things from your side, so we have constructed our services to offer businesses the very best support.

Financing FAQs

Yes, our financial packages are highly flexible and enable you to pick and choose the elements you need, so you can use in-house expertise and Outsauce in any combination.

With our credit insurance you are covered against bad debt, so you never need to lose sleep if somebody doesn’t pay.

Yes, we are more than happy to provide funding to businesses that manage all of the rest of their financial processes in-house.

Absolutely, we are well versed in helping agencies move to Outsauce, when they feel they aren’t quite getting what they need from an existing provider. We work closely with you to identify the reasons you wish to switch providers to make sure you get what you are looking for. We will also support you with an inter-factor transfer and assist in buying the debt from your existing lender, to make it as simple as possible.

Outsauce has provided funding for hundreds of start-up recruitment agencies. Thanks to our close relationship with a major UK bank, we can work with firms to open up the doors to funding.
Beyond this, we can handle all of your invoice financing and credit control needs which will free you up to concentrate on client satisfaction and placing candidates.

Contracting FAQs

Outsauce only offers employment and payment models that comply with the latest laws and legislation relating to tax and employment in the UK. This means that compliance can never be in question and no recruitment agency will ever need to worry about being pursued further down the line when working with Outsauce.

Outsauce can pay contractors weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, depending on your requirements and processes. Timesheets need to be submitted by the relevant deadlines to ensure payment.

Why not consider our white label service? This enables recruitment businesses to retain brand ownership throughout the contracting journey.

A single person (or maximum of 2) working through a limited company structure, or Personal Service Company (PSC), is a model that can be used by independent workers. The model is more suited to those working to higher pay rates and are contracting for the longer term. The model enables them to pay themselves a mix of wages and dividends making it more tax efficient, subject to certain criteria being met relating to current tax legislation.

Contractor PAYE is the model that is referred to by some providers as “umbrella”. This model sees recruitment consultants referring the contractors they place to Outsauce. Once enrolled with us, they become an Outsauce employee. This means that we pay them in exactly the same way that a full-time permanent employer would i.e. by PAYE whereby we deduct their taxes and national insurance contributions. Workers are able to boost their take home pay by claiming allowable travel and subsistence expenses.

IR35 is a piece of legislation designed to ensure that an individual is not working under disguised employment and gaining benefit from operating under false self employment. This is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

This is all dependent on their specific circumstances. Both ways of working have their benefits and different tax implications.
Although becoming a limited company does have its tax advantages, it is important that they satisfy a few conditions in order to operate compliantly.

Absolutely not, agencies risk fines via Third Party Debt Transfer if contractors haven’t been taxed properly. Beyond this, if you refer contractors to a risky service, it could jeopardise your reputation with clients so why risk it? We always advise recruiters to conduct thorough due diligence on contracting service providers to ensure they select a compliant partner?


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