Invoice Financing

Bill & pay + invoicing solutions = the financing you need to support your growth

A modular approach to invoice financing

All recruitment agencies know about the pressures of cashflow – the need to make regular payments to staff and suppliers, cover necessary overheads such as office costs in advance of clients paying their invoices. Our invoicing financing services enable effective financial management of your agency with a range of services that can be shaped to suit your growth and cover these financing needs.

We offer a modular approach where we match our services to exactly what you need, although we find agencies typically use our services in the following way:

1. Starting out – A full bill & pay and factoring solution that allows you to invoice in a secure and protected way

2. Growing – As above, but with the option for you to carry out your own credit control and for us to deliver the service under your agency brand

3. Maturing – With our Confidential Invoice Discounting, we can feed invoices into your accounting system while you handle cash and sales ledger management.

All the invoice financing you need to get your business on a firm financial footing

Starting out

We can give your recruitment business the best start by providing a full bill & pay and factoring solution that allows you to focus on growing the business. We can provide up to 100% of the value of the invoice and we’ll be responsible for credit checks, bad debt protection, invoicing, credit control, payroll, P32/CIS administration and settlement to HMRC and payments direct to your contractors. Our full back office support and online system (Resauce), enabling you to manage your contractors, assignments and clients online.


As your business grows, you may wish to carry out some financing tasks in-house, for example, carrying out your own credit control. We will still process your payroll, both PAYE and contractor, produce and dispatch invoices but you might elect for us to do this under your agency name and brand with our confidential factoring service.


Further expansion usually means that you want to take responsibility for more of your agency’s financing in-house. We can still provide bill & pay but with our confidential invoice discounting (CID), we can feed our invoices directly into your accounting system. Our modular approach means you can also have a pure CID facility, without bill & pay, if you decide to manage all your back office in-house.

Below is a complete list of all the Financing and Back Office services we offer, together with answers to frequently asked questions:

• Factoring

• Invoice Discounting (ID)

• Confidential factoring

• Confidential invoice discounting

• Funding on temporary invoices up to 100%

• International funding

• Corporate financing

• Invoice production and despatch

• Payroll processing (PAYE and contractor)

• Credit control (including automated statements)

• Bad debt protection

• Credit checks

• Payments directly to contractor intermediaries

• CIS returns and settlement direct to HMRC

• Online reporting and management information

• P32 administration (PAYE/NIC)

• P32 settlement direct to HMRC

• Onshore Employment Intermediary reporting

• Workplace Pension (Auto Enrolment) administration

• Reserve and accounting for VAT

• Cash processing

• Disclosure

Download our handy guide to financing the growth of your recruitment business or read on to find out how we can support you throughout your business’ financial lifecycle:

The five step guide to… Financing Recruitment Business Growth

This Buyers’ Guide will set out some of the considerations you should make when expanding or seeking to expand your recruitment business, including a breakdown of the various options available.

Financing FAQs

Yes, our financial packages are highly flexible and enable you to pick and choose the elements you need, so you can use in-house expertise and Outsauce in any combination.

With our credit insurance you are covered against bad debt, so you never need to lose sleep if somebody doesn’t pay.

Yes, we are more than happy to provide funding to businesses that manage all of the rest of their financial processes in-house.

Absolutely, we are well versed in helping agencies move to Outsauce, when they feel they aren’t quite getting what they need from an existing provider. We work closely with you to identify the reasons you wish to switch providers to make sure you get what you are looking for. We will also support you with an inter-factor transfer and assist in buying the debt from your existing lender, to make it as simple as possible.

Outsauce has provided funding for hundreds of start-up recruitment agencies. Thanks to our close relationship with a major UK bank, we can work with firms to open up the doors to funding.
Beyond this, we can handle all of your invoice financing and credit control needs which will free you up to concentrate on client satisfaction and placing candidates.


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