IR35 recommendations expected by November

Outsauce is advising contractors that the recommendations of the IR35 Forum are expected to be signed-off by members at the next meeting in November – or possibly earlier.

So far, 13 recommendations on IR35 have been put forward to the forum in an effort to simplify the legislation and processes for contractors.

These include the scrapping of business entity tests (BETs) which were introduced to try and give contractors an idea of how likely they are to be investigated under IR35. Outsauce would welcome their likely abolition because they left too much room for error and were little used.

Other elements also currently being looked include the contract review service, forum membership and the communication of IR35.

HMRC has promised that it will assess the recommendations, but Rowena Fletcher from the organisation warned that suggestions will be implemented depending on their alignment with standard general processes at HMRC saying: “where any recommendation cannot be implemented, HMRC will explain why.”

As contractors wait to see if the final recommendations help to clarify IR35 and indeed, if they get implemented, Outsauce is always more than happy to help anybody struggling to understand the legislation.

Please simply call our friendly team on 0330 100 8686 and we’ll be more than happy to talk you through the process.


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