Outsauce CEO Supports Ambitious Recruitment Leaders In New REC Report

Outsauce CEO Miles Lloyd has contributed to the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC)’s latest research report, ‘7 secrets of a successful recruitment entrepreneur’. Focused on sharing practical lessons and advice to support ambitious recruitment leaders, Lloyd was selected to contribute to the report based on his extensive experience in leading and supporting recruitment agencies to grow and succeed.

Part of the REC’s highly regarded research portfolio, the report is the third in the ‘Seven Secrets’ series. The series aims to identify and provide insights into the key attributes of successful professionals within the recruitment industry.

The latest report focuses on what it takes to be a successful recruitment business owner, and follows on from ‘7 Secrets of successful recruiters’ and ‘7 Secrets of recruitment managers’. Lloyd’s contribution looks at the importance of putting in place the infrastructure and technology necessary to survive in the sector, as well as the crucial role of attracting and retaining the best industry talent in a competitive market.

Lloyd said: “A new recruitment agency has a clean sheet of paper, with exciting opportunities to really define what it stands for and wants to achieve. However, starting out is certainly not easy. It can be difficult to stand out in the marketplace and to ensure that all the systems and support networks an agency needs to survive and thrive are in place from the outset.

“That’s why initiatives such as this series of reports are such a valuable source of support and guidance for ambitious new agency principals. I am very proud to have been given the opportunity to use my experience to help the next generation of recruitment leaders as they embark on exciting journeys with their burgeoning businesses.”

‘7 Secrets of a successful recruitment entrepreneur’ report is launched today and is available for download from: http://bit.ly/1zi8BTg

CEO of Outsauce since 2012, Miles has extensive recruitment experience working within the recruitment sector for 15 years and with the Recruitment Society as a non-executive director for over four years. He is a keen speaker, offering valued advice and guidance regarding contractor recruitment with over 10 years private & third sector Director/CEO/Non-Executive Director experience.


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