Credit Control


saves your valuable time


 Improve your cash-flow

We will:

Save you time to focus on running your business, placing candidates and winning new contracts

Provide the expertise needed to collect difficult debts and escalate as required

Take care of invoice and sales ledger verifications

Help you maintain relationships with your clients, by removing the difficult and uncomfortable conversations in respect to unpaid invoices. Leave them to us!

Chase remittances and manage the allocation of payments

Have your own Credit Control Team?

No problem! Although we have years of experience ensuring our clients' invoices are paid, we know that sometimes you already have Credit Control...under control!

With our modular service we can allow you to maintain control of this function. All of our services can be scaled up or down to fit the needs of your business. 

Debt Protection and Credit Insurance

In addition to our in-house credit control, we offer an accompanying credit insurance policy to provide you with an extra piece of mind. What would you do if your client was unable to pay for the work you had provided and already paid payroll against? If your client is unable to pay their invoices through insolvency or protracted default, Outsauce will manage all aspects of the insurance claim.

Our chosen credit insurance partner is well-known within the Recruitment Sector and their knowledge and experience means they are often able to provide superior limits to others. They work closely with us and our clients, and where a detailed payment history can be provided, limits can often be increased; a benefit to you and your clients.  


experienced credit control team


assigned credit controller to each client account


Our DSO across our entire client base is less than 45 days on average


No matter how good the product or the service provided...


...without a successful collections team a business will not survive.