Start up or Occasional trading


Minimal paperwork


Our Offering adapts to suit your needs


Outsauce introduced our new Principal product in early 2017 as a stepping stone product towards our full back office solution.

You as our client, you act as an introducer, with Outsauce entering directly into contracts with both candidates and end debtors. We would take ownership of all employment liabilities allowing you to concentrate on establishing your agency and find those crucial next contracts.

There is no requirement for you to have formed a Limited Company to benefit from this product, so it really is a ‘suits all’ solution.

Who uses this product?

Anyone who doesn't have a limited company but has contract roles to fill on an infrequent basis.

Recruitment agency requiring Gross CIS Status but currently has Net.

Any individuals just starting up or those who need a quick solution

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Set up in Days


Achieve Gross CIS Status

Outsauce manage all aspects of CIS deductions and the production of CIS remittances whilst completing the relevant monthly returns to HMRC. We can also now provide further assistance for those clients yet to achieve Gross CIS Status.

Until Gross status is achieved, your receipts from debtors will be subject to 20% CIS deductions...Ouch!

Not only does this create additional administration, but also a recurring cash-flow issue.

As a client on our Principal product, payments will be made against our Gross CIS with no deductions. Your cash-flow is unaffected and Outsauce manage all aspects of the returns and administration.

Once Gross status has been achieved we will then migrate you to our full back office product.